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We believe that biking is a lifestyle that can be embraced to the fullest. With every bike tune, we want to inspire our customers to explore and live according to a "get outside mentality". 


“A bad day on a bike always beats a good day at the office.”

Sacred Rides founder , Mike Brcic

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Our Story

In 2015, Nickel's Bike Shop was started in Fargo, ND by Hunter Nickel. As a lover of the great outdoors and people, Hunter used bikes to combine his two passions. The shop equips venturesome spirits to have quality bikes to carry them on their adventure.

"As someone who is not only extroverted, but a vigorous people-person, I wanted to do something that spreads joy and builds community," said Nickel.

Nickel's Bike Shop wants to create a group of brave, fearless, nature-loving people to hang out, explore, and most of all, bike.

🔧 Hunter Nickel, shop owner

🔧 Hunter Nickel, shop owner